Why to surf in Lanzarote?

Known as the Hawaii of Europe, Lanzarote is located in the extreme north of the Canary Islands and it is considered the best sought after destination for surfers all around Europe. With nearly 365 days of waves and sun, each year it attracts more and more surfers from all around the world and of all levels. Thanks to its fantastic weather conditions you can be sure that you will enjoy your time in Lanzarote.
Whether you are a beginner surfer or you are advanced, you will find your perfect wave in one of the many places that Lanzarote’s coast have.

This is a good place to surf all year-round, every month:
From September to December, the island is mostly visited by the more advanced surfers, as the waves are bigger and stronger, on the other hand, when summer arrives, the waves are smaller, perfect for beginners and for those who want to perfect their technique in more neat and smaller waves.

Anyway, Lanzarote’s many surf spots will allow you to surf great waves all year, and it offers alternatives depending on the weather conditions, whether it is swell, tide or wind.

So, say goodbye to 20 hour flights and 12 hours of Jetlag just to go surfing! You just have to land in Lanzarote and once you are here you will be captivated and you will not want to leave!

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