Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Fly to Lanzarote2 to 4 hour flight
From any major European city
Lanzarote VisaNo visa is needed
For visitors from the European Union
Lanzarote CurrencyCurrency
Lanzarote LanguageOfficial language: Spanish
English, German and French are widely spoken.
Lanzarote PopulationPopulation
Lanzarote, or “Lanza” as locals call it, is the most easterly island of the Canary archipelago, which belongs to Spain. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 100 km west of the African coast and approximately 1,000 km south of mainland Spain.
Lanzarote is the most volcanic of the Canary Islands. Its magnetic, almost lunar landscape boasting over 200km of coastline and countless beaches, together with the charm of its architecture – exclusively low-rise houses, all painted white with either blue or green woodwork – make it truly different from any other island of the archipelago.
Aside from being a Mecca for all surf, kite surf, windsurf, stand-up-paddle, diving, snorkelling, fishing and sailing enthusiasts, Lanzarote is a great playground for earth sports such as cycling, mountain biking, trekking, quad, horse riding, golfing or simply enjoying a relaxing time in one of the island’s many spa centres.
Excursion-wise, El Timanfaya volcanic park, the Jameos del Agua caves, El Golfo crater, El Mirador del Río viewpoint, the historic village of Teguise and the island of La Graciosa are only a few of Lanzarote’s incredible places of interest.
The island’s fauna, flora and geological heritage of volcanos and lava fields are absolutely unique and will feed nature lovers’ curiosity.
Last but not least, Lanzarote is also famous for its wines, especially the whites, and wine-tasting is a very popular activity on the island.

Climate & What to pack

Lanzarote enjoys an eternal spring climate, known as one of the best in the world: here the weather is mild and sunny all year round. Temperature oscillates between 20° and 30° during the day, and between 15° and 20° at night. Water temperatures rarely go below 18° in the winter and can reach up to 25° in the summer.

Regardless of the season, you will need summer clothes for sunny windless days, and a couple of warmer items (long legged trousers, sweatshirt, jacket) for days when northern winds blow or to go out at night. Flip-flops are an absolute essential!

It is possible to surf in board shorts on windless summer and autumn days, however we would always recommend you use a wetsuit. Wetsuit hire is included in the price of our classes.

Surf school

We offer group and private surf classes and surf camps for all levels.

Famara beach

Famara beach

The place to be for numerous surfers from all over the globe living together in a laid back atmosphere.

Surf map

surf map

Lanzarote is often called the “European Hawaii”. Check all the surf spots


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Individual or shared accommodation by the beach starting from €20/night.