Are you Goofy?

goofy lanzasurf
In many other sports, such as skating, windsurfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and, of course, surfing, the terms “goofy” and “regular” are used. This term refers to the position.The right foot backward and the left foot forward constitute a “regular” stance. Anyone with a dominant right foot is usually this.Right foot forward and left foot back is known as a “goofy” stance. Just as there are fewer left-handed people, “goofy feet” are less common than those with a regular stance.

How do you know which posture you have?

The foot you usually kick with when you play soccer is usually your surfing stance. For example, you’re probably a regular if you kick the ball with your right foot. However, if you’ve never participated in a sport like this, grab a broom and start sweeping. This will be your usual position, regardless of which direction you are facing. Besides, the house will be clean.

Right foot forward is goofy; left foot forward is regular.

A person’s stance will not influence their choice of surfboard or how they surf.

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