Lanzarote, how to get around

lanzarote como moverse

Despite not being a particularly large island, Lanzarote is quite well known. There are many incredible places to see in Lanzarote, although the distance between the two ends of the island is only about 75 kilometers. We give you some tips on how to get around Lanzarote by bus or rental car, and whether it is worth doing so. We give you the solution to this and other doubts related to transportation in Lanzarote.


1. The best way to explore the island is to rent a car in Lanzarote.

rentacar lanzarote

We advise you to rent a car if you want to explore all the amazing places Lanzarote has to offer and you are an active traveler. Many of the interesting places you can visit on the island can only be reached this way, especially the natural attractions such as Timanfaya National Park, Los Hervideros, El Cuervo volcano or Montaña Colorada. We believe that the car is the best means of transportation in Lanzarote for this reason alone.

If you don’t like driving, don’t worry; it only takes an hour to drive around the whole island from north to south. In addition, all tourist destinations have free parking and the roads are in excellent condition. In Lanzarote, renting a car is really affordable; you can get one for about 15 euros a day. Therefore, traveling with a companion is quite cost-effective (even cheaper than buses in some cases).

Renting a car in Lanzarote also gives you the freedom to stay anywhere on the island, which is another advantage.

What type of car should I rent in Lanzarote?

With any type of vehicle you will be able to drive without problems. Just keep in mind that there are short stretches where there is no asphalt and maintenance is not necessary to reach some places. That results in a slippery and uneven surface. The road that leads to the impressive prospect of El Bosquecillo is a case in point. It only takes about a kilometer, but driving in a slightly elevated car makes the ride considerably more comfortable.

Regardless of the vehicle you choose, we strongly advise you to take out comprehensive insurance.

2. Lanzarote by bus.

lanzarote en autobus

There are bus stops all over the island. However, the routes and schedules are not created with tourists in mind, but rather to facilitate the mobility of the island’s residents. Therefore, if you want to visit the best places on the island of Lanzarote, it is not the most practical means of transportation.

If you have the option of renting a car, we advise you to forgo this option. If not, you can combine the guaguas with some of the excursions we propose below to reach the places without stops.

There is a good frequency between major cities. However, you will have to pay close attention to schedules to visit more distant places. Remember that weekends and holidays decrease frequencies considerably. Downloading the Moovit app is the best option if you want to check schedules on the go. The cost of tickets varies depending on the route, but is usually around 3 euros.

Staying in Arrecife is a must if you choose to tour Lanzarote by bus. Although it is not the most picturesque area of the island, it is the most useful. Most of the bus lines are concentrated in that city. You will reduce transfers, save time and travel further.

3. Saving tips

If you plan to take the bus frequently, you can use a public transportation card. You can top it up so you don’t have to give the driver cash each time. You will also receive a 10% discount on the standard fare.

The bus station in Arrecife is the place where you can purchase it.

4. Hire excursions based in one place

You can hire excursions that include transportation to the most notable places on the island as a last resort to get around Lanzarote. In several parts of the island, your hotel will be where you will be picked up.

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