7 tips to go from beginner to intermediate surfer | how to surf

After learning to catch foamy waves and stand up consistently, a beginning surfer generally seeks to understand how to get past the break, and to catch and ride waves without breaking all the way to shore, both front and back. To help you achieve this faster, we’ve compiled some of our best tips for making the transition from beginner to intermediate surfer.

1. Choose A Suitable Board

When learning to surf, it’s crucial not to make the mistake of using a board that’s too small for you. In your first few sessions, you will generally use a foam board, which is the easiest and safest way to learn. After that, we recommend buying or renting a long board made of fiberglass, epoxy, or cork. At this level, buoyancy is the most important factor, so you should use a board with more volume. This will allow you to catch as many waves as possible with less effort, practice your body position, and have stability in weaker waves.

2. Correct Your Mistakes On Takeoff

When learning to stand up on the board, it’s common for surfers to inadvertently develop bad habits. Some popular mistakes include bending your knees too much, looking down, not creating enough space under your body, and using your hands incorrectly. If you think you need help correcting your takeoff, you can search for online resources that guide you through takeoff techniques and help you correct these mistakes.

3. Get Into A Proper Surf Position

Intermediate surfers maintain a low center of gravity and properly distribute their weight on the board for greater stability. Practice surfing in a compact position, which will allow you to generate speed and turn efficiently. Make sure you have good balance and are aware of your surroundings while standing on the board.

4. Learn To Angle The Take Off

By angling the launch, that is, taking a diagonal path to the right or left, you can get several benefits when surfing. You’ll find it easier to draw your line at the shoulder of the wave, build momentum in the direction you want to go, and give yourself more time to get up on the board. This is especially useful in fast waves, where you don’t have time to go straight down and then up the wave.

5. Master The Movement Of The Feet On The Board

Moving your feet forward will give you speed, while moving them back will allow you to turn more efficiently. If you stand too far forward on a long board, you will have a hard time turning correctly, as there will be too much weight on the front of the board. On the other hand, if you move your feet back, you will be able to accelerate. Practice sliding your feet up and down the board to adjust your position as needed.

6. Look For Quality Waves Suitable For Your Level

Just like there are world-class waves for advanced surfers, there are also waves that are perfect for beginners and intermediates. Pay attention to this and plan your future surf trips taking into account the right conditions for your level. Look for soft waves, with a good paddling time and well-defined peaks both to the right and to the left. This will help you make big strides in the techniques you are trying to learn and improve your general surfing skills.

7. Practice And Look For Surfing Resources

Constant practice is essential to improve as a surfer. Also, look for resources online that provide detailed instructions, tutorials, and tips to help you progress faster. Take advantage of the tools available to study and better understand the techniques and fundamentals of surfing.

Remember that the transition from beginner to intermediate surfer takes time and practice. Enjoy the process and don’t get discouraged! Surfing is an exciting and challenging sport, but with dedication and effort, you can achieve your goals and become a more skilled surfer.

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