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We’ll explore five training tools surfers wish they had used years ago to improve their performance in the water. These strategies have proven effective in building skills and accelerating progress in surfing. If you are passionate about surfing, you will definitely want to meet them.

1. Practice On Dry Land

Before entering the water, it is crucial to become familiar with the movements and techniques of surfing. Practicing these moves on the beach may seem strange at first, but it’s a great way to understand and master the techniques before applying them in the ocean. Even if you feel a little ridiculous at first, remember that great surfers have been through this too, and that it is a fundamental part of learning.

2. Focus On Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice involves focusing on one or two key technical aspects during each surf session. By having a specific goal in mind, you will be able to improve your technique more effectively. For example, you can focus on your lead arm movement during a bottom turn or work on your rear leg extension during a re-entry. By dedicating time and attention to specific aspects, you will be able to progress quickly in surfing.

3. Take Advantage Of The Wave Pools

Wave pools are a valuable resource for surfers, as they offer the opportunity to practice repetitively in a controlled environment. The high repetition of movements and the consistency of the waves in a pool will allow you to perfect your technique more quickly and effectively. If you have access to a wave pool, feel free to take advantage of it to speed up your progress in surfing.

4. Use Video Analytics

Video analytics is a powerful tool to get better at surfing. By reviewing recordings of your surf sessions, you will be able to identify errors, detect areas for improvement, and visualize the movements you are making. This will help you develop greater kinesthetic awareness and adjust your technique for better performance in the water. In addition, you will be able to compare your movements with those of professional surfers and get inspiration to improve your style and flow.

5. Experiment With Skateboarding

Skateboarding can be an excellent complementary tool for surf training. By skateboarding, you can simulate movements similar to surfing and work on coordination, balance, and weight transfer. The movements performed while skateboarding can help you perfect your technique in the water and develop new habits and movement patterns that will benefit you in the surf. Take the opportunity to use skateboarding as a fun and effective way to improve your surfing skills.

In short, these five surf training tools can make all the difference in your progress as a surfer. Practice on dry land, focus on deliberate practice, take advantage of wave pools, use video analysis, and experiment with skateboarding. By incorporating these strategies into your training routine, you’ll be on your way to better performance and more fun in the water. Enjoy the ride and keep riding the waves!

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