“Surfboard transport made easy: Tips for hassle-free trips!”

How to properly transport your surfboard on or in your car


Transporting your surfboard safely is crucial to ensure it arrives at your destination in one piece. Here are some tips for proper surfboard transportation:


  1. Do not put your board through the side of your car, windows or sunroof.
  2. Do not slip the board through the trunk without protecting it with a board bag or sock.
  3. Do not put the board inside the car or van all the way against the windshield.
  4. Do not leave your board locked inside the car for long periods.
  5. Do not buy cheap tie-downs for strapping your board to the roof of the car.


  1. If the board is inside the car, get a board bag and make sure there is enough space for it to rest comfortably without pressure.
  2. Strap the board in with a seatbelt.
  3. If the board has to go on the roof and you don’t have crossbars or a hard rack system, get a name brand soft roof rack system.
  4. Fins up and fins forward when placing the board on the roof.
  5. Double-check everything before driving off.

Remember, spending a little extra on a board bag, tie-downs or a soft roof rack system can save you from potential disaster. Take the time to properly set up the transportation of your board, and always drive and surf safely.

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