Lanzarote’s Natural Pools

Lanzarote is an island surrounded by wild and virgin beaches with little waves. Some of these beaches have such calm water that they resemble natural pools. The breakwaters and solidified lava on part of the coast have also caused the formation of pools and puddles on the seashore where visitors can soak and forget about time. Here are some of the most recommended natural pools and puddles in Lanzarote:


Los Charcones:

Los Charcones Lanzarote

These are the most photographed pools in Lanzarote, located on the southwest coast of the island, not far from Playa Blanca. They are a set of natural bathtubs created by the erosion of strong waves on the solidified volcanic lava. Accessing them is not easy, but they are worth the prize. Visitors can park at an abandoned building, the Hotel Atlante del Sol, and then walk down the cliff to access the pools.


The natural pools of Punta Mujeres:

natural pools of Punta Mujeres

Located on the northeast coast of Lanzarote, Punta Mujeres is a fishing village with a rocky coastline that features small breakwaters and stairs leading to some natural pools. The water comes directly from the sea, so visitors can see some fish swimming next to them when they submerge their heads.


Charco del Palo:

Charco del Palo:

Charco del Palo is a nudist town located on the northeast coast of the island. It has two pools of water separated by a small wall of volcanic stone that receive water directly from the sea. The pools are also nudist, and visitors are free to walk around the town and along its coast completely naked.


Caletón Blanco:

Caletón Blanco

Located on the northeast coast of the island, Caletón Blanco is a beach covered with solidified volcanic lava. Its turquoise water is so calm that it resembles a swimming pool, thanks to the breakwater at the end. Visitors can also see several circles of stones on the beach that are used by locals to have more privacy and even do nudism.


Cueva del Agua:

Cueva del Agua

Cueva del Agua, also known as La olla, is one of the largest natural pools in Lanzarote. It is completely surrounded by volcanic rock, and visitors can jump into the water from the rocks. It is located between Los Cocoteros and Charco del Palo, northeast of Lanzarote. Visitors should check the tide level before jumping into the water from the rocks.

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