A perfect month of sports in Lanzarote

I have been in Lanzarote for about 3 weeks after not coming here for around 7 years. I previously lived in Gran Canaria, another Island of the Canary Islands’ archipelago, so I used to spend most of my summers in Lanzarote as a kid, visiting my uncle Evandro Muñoz, the owner of Lanzasurf Surf Camp & Surf School and having fun whilst learning to surf with him. Now as a 20 year old and after not being here for nearly a decade I am seeing Lanzarote in a completely new light. I have more freedom; I am working at my uncles surf school, learning more and making amazing memories with new friends!

I am currently studying Environmental Management at university in England. Taking this degree has made me more aware of my surroundings, especially when I am traveling and seeing how locals act towards looking after their environment, homes, beaches, oceans and how much people care to be environmentally friendly in general. Lanzarote’s people, compared to many other places I have visited, seem to genuinely care for their environment, maybe this could be because here in Lanzarote we have a very unique landscape with unusual but beautiful views, spots and vegetation so I believe it is only right we look after such a wonderful place. Having said this, Lanzarote is definitely not just a sight to see; out of all the islands in the archipelago Lanzarote is the island most prepared for all types of sport (except snow of course!). Anywhere you go on the island you will have opportunities and places to practice sports and although surf is the most popular, there are many other things you can do such as:

Horse riding: This activity has been introduced to the island very recently and it is a must do! My experience was breathtaking; the guide took us through the mountains and we arrived near a beach just in time to see the sunset whilst riding a horse picked just for us. If you are a lover of nature you will feel the connection to the landscapes and the views and it is an amazing way of learning a new skill! Lanzasurf offers this activity alongside surf as a retreat and it is highly recommended.

-Scuba diving: Lanzarote may lack wildlife diversity on land due to its dry climate, but when you emerge yourself underwater you can see many fish, rays, dolphins, octopus and even sharks! I can easily say that diving was one of the best experiences of my life! Once I was comfortable with the equipment and I submerged to the underwater museum which is 12 meters deep, I felt like I was in a different world, like I was one with the fish and the ocean. The museum can be visited after a couple of hours of scuba diving lessons. Contact Lanzasurf for more information on scuba diving offers.

-Hiking: The Island has very particular views due to its many volcanoes that have left behind fascinating, lunar like landscapes. I personally highly recommend taking a guided hike through the underground caves or simply take a walk on one of the many volcanoes and mountains, either way I am sure you will be amazed! This is also a perfect way to keep fit during your holidays and I found it refreshing to do something different during my time in Lanzarote.

-Swimming / Sailing: Needless to say, as we are surrounded by water, any water sport can be practiced here. In the west of the island we have Club La Santa, which is a sports resort equipped for many types of land and water sports.
If you are looking for a holiday where you can keep active and fit as well as relaxing on the many wonderful beaches then Lanzarote is the place for you!

As for me, I still have a couple more weeks in paradise and still have much more planned to do like take a day trip to La Graciosa which a very small neighboring island to the north of Lanzarote, scuba diving, visiting more beaches, getting to know more of César Manrique’s work and exploring more delicious food and fun nightlife. Believe it or not the nightlife in Lanzarote is super alive and there is always something to do, so if you are a night owl don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!

Just as much as I always enjoyed my time in Lanzarote as a kid, I am enjoying my time here massively as a young adult so I can guarantee this magnificent island will please everyone in the family, whatever the age. With so much to do everyone will leave with great, happy memories!

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