4 life lessons surfing can teach you

lecciones de vida

We’re not saying that booking a surf lesson in Lanzarote will change your life, but there’s no doubt that surfing can teach you a lot about how to become the best version of yourself.

Surfing is fun and exciting from the moment you stand up until you finish your ride and step onto the sand triumphantly. But it’s more than brief moments of ecstasy that make your frontal love burst with excitement. Surfing offers something deeper for those of us with a penchant for introspection. In fact, if you approach surfing with an open mind, it can actually teach you a lot about how to live a good life.

In this article, we look at some of the gifts that surfing can bring you. Some of these ideas may already be familiar to you, while others are beyond your comprehension. If that’s the case, all you have to do is book a surf lesson in Lanzarote with the Lanzasurf team and we’ll show you what surfing is all about.

1. Patience is truly a virtue

Sometimes there is surf, sometimes there is not. Sometimes a set rolls towards you and you catch the wave of your life, sometimes the set just rolls you along. Surfing gives satisfaction, but it’s far from instantaneous. There’s a lot to wait and see and then even more to wait to happen. That’s one of the reasons most surfers are pretty zen people. If there were no waves for two weeks, even the team at our surf school in Lanzarote would go crazy.

2. Failures are just opportunities to learn

Very rarely do people get on a surfboard for the first time. Most slip before the wave hits, others are thrown nose first into a pile of seaweed. But falling off is a big part of learning to surf. Just as it plays a big part in just about everything you try with no prior experience. The pros still fall and so do you. The difference between them and us mere mortals is that they see their mistakes as an opportunity to learn… something our Lanzarote surf camp team will be happy to help you with.

3. Persistence trumps natural ability

Natural ability will only take you so far. Then it’s time to roll up your wetsuit sleeves and hang on. As our Lanzarote surf school team has said many times, surfing rarely comes on a silver platter. You have to paddle out in all conditions, catch as many waves as you can, then reload and do it all over again on the next wave. You will soon see the fruits of your labor and understand the value of perseverance to achieve your goals.

4. Facing your fears is the only way to success.

Big waves, flat sandbanks, deep water and sharks. People often let these irrational fears stop them from booking a surf school in Lanzarote, even if they have always dreamed of doing so. In reality, fear guides you in the direction you should take in life, even if you don’t feel comfortable going there. It is a guiding light, a beacon and a sign that you are on the right path. Once you face your fear of big waves or flat beach breaks or whatever it is you fear, you will quickly discover that your doubts were unfounded in the first place. Suddenly speaking in public, asking the boss for a raise or embarking on a solo adventure around the world won’t seem too scary. And it will be thanks to surfing that will show you the way.

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