Surf School and Yoga Camp Lanzarote

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SURF SCHOOL AND YOGA CAMP LANZAROTE When you watch this video, you know how it feels to surf the warm waters of Famara, Lanzarote. In our Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat you will enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, the sand of the beach under your feet and getting connected to yourself again. This Canary Island will […]

10 Reasons why to visit Lanzarote

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In this blog we are going to tell you why Lanzarote is such a paradise compared to other islands. 1.  GOOD WEATHER Europeans think that the Canary Islands are not a part of Europe and they don’t know it’s a part of Spain. This is because of the geolocation of the island. We are very close to Africa […]

We invite you to surf with us at Famara Beach

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We invite you to surf with us at Famara Beach Lanzasurf is located on a few minutes walking to Famara Beach. A magical place with the ocean and mountain El Risco view. Here you can enjoy a warm water ”surf”, with green- and white waves for all levels. ”Famara Beach” offers a lot of different […]

Lanzasurf Surf & Yoga Camp for all Levels

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Lanzasurf Surf & Yoga Camps for all Levels A little bit of our paradise, ”Famara beach”, ”Lanzarote”, ”Canary Island”, The Hawaï of Europe in Spain. Every day we work with passion to teach you how to ”surf” and how to enjoy surfing the most. We welcome you in the beautiful Famara on Lanzarote. We offer […]

A perfect month of sports in Lanzarote

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I have been in Lanzarote for about 3 weeks after not coming here for around 7 years. I previously lived in Gran Canaria, another Island of the Canary Islands’ archipelago, so I used to spend most of my summers in Lanzarote as a kid, visiting my uncle Evandro Muñoz, the owner of Lanzasurf Surf Camp […]

TV Channel TF1 France documents surfing on the Canary Islands with Lanzasurf

France TV1 - TV Channel

TV Channel TF1 France documents surfing on the Canary Islands with Lanzasurf We are very proud to be chosen by the most important television channel in France TF 1 to collaborate and document the surfing of the Canary Islands Lanzarote. It was a great pleasure to share and teach our favorite places and our love […]

Paddle technique

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How important is it to paddle well when you go surfing? Here we introduce to you paddling techniques that can really improve your surfing both when catching waves and paddling out to the lineup. There are many types of paddling techniques and they all serve different purposes so read on and get ready to be […]

Why come to surf with Lanzasurf

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Why to surf in Lanzarote? Known as the Hawaii of Europe, Lanzarote is located in the extreme north of the Canary Islands and it is considered the best sought after destination for surfers all around Europe. With nearly 365 days of waves and sun, each year it attracts more and more surfers from all around […]

6 Days Retreat: Yoga | Surf | Body Practice | The silence of the body.

6 DAYS RETREAT: YOGA | SURF | BODY PRACTICE | THE SILENCE OF THE BODY. 13TH-19TH JANUARY 6 DAYS RETREAT: YOGA | SURF | BODY PRACTICE MORNING YOGA PRACTICE Pranayama | Asanas | Relaxation SURF LESSONS MEDITATIVE WALKS Walk in silence with attention to the body and enviroment BODY PRACTICE Training: Listening to the body […]