8 Surf Spots am Strand von Famara, Lanzarote

This surf map with surf spots information is here so that you can enjoy the best waves of your life, on Famara Beach Lanzarote! It is made for you to surf the best waves of Famara, and to learn more about the swells, wind, and tides on the Famara surf spots. Have the best time and enjoy the most of what Famara has to offer.

Lanzarote is full of high-quality waves everywhere around the island. There are many surf spots: reef breaks, point breaks, and beach breaks to surf. This map is for you to learn about the best breaks in Famara and how they work. The surf spot names, best tides, the best wave directions, best wind direction, and suitable surf levels for each spot.

Wave 1: El Codito

Codito is the wave that is closest to Famara Village. It is a left and a right. The bottom is a mix of reef and sand. The wave never becomes too big. It is easy to go in via the rip current next to the rocks at the houses, which takes you to the back.
Best swell and wind direction: swell from the North, wind from the South.
The best tide to surf el Codito is mid-tide.
Surf level: intermediate.

Wave 2: Molino / Red Flag

This wave has a lot of rip currents; sideways in the shoreline and one to the outside. It’s a sand bottom, there are no rocks and no crowd.
Best swell and wind direction: North swell, Southern wind.
Best tide for surfing el Molino: high tide.
Surf level: perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers.

Surf spots for all levels at Famara Beach

Wave 3: Life Guard station

This wave is an amazing left and right-hander and can get very big when the swells are from the West. There are strong rip currents. The easiest way to get to the lineup is to start paddling in from the right side.
Best swell & wind direction: North swells, Southern winds.
It works with all tides and is best with mid-tide.
Surf level: all levels.

Wave 4: Bunker Bungalows

Amazing for surfers of all levels, with the many different kinds of waves. There are loads of rip currents but no crowd.
It works with all tides and all swell directions. The best tide is mid-tide.
Surf level: all levels.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced surf spot at Famara Beach
Beginner, intermediate and advanced surf spot at Famara Beach

Wave 5: Nudist Beach

Here are great waves, and it’s normally not crowded. It’s difficult to access. There are no rocks.
The nudist zone break works with all tides and all swell and wind directions.
Surf level: good for all levels, but when it gets big it’s for more experienced surfers.


Wave 6: Downhill Flag

This is the best wave of Famara Beach. It has a solid sand bottom and nice rip currents.
It works with all swells, all tides.
Swell and wind direction: best is a swell from the West and Southern wind.
Surf level: all levels.


Wave 7: Papelillo

Surf here only during low or possibly during mid-tide. It can barrel and is a short and strong wave which is excellent for experienced surfers. It’s a strong sand bottom and there are no crowds. Here you surf close to the spectacular landscape from El Risco.
The best swell direction is West. Wind direction: East.
Surf level: advanced.


Wave 8: Las Bajas

This is a far outside reef break, a big wave with a lot of power which is very strong.
It can work with all tides.
The best swell direction is West.
Surf level: advanced, and big wave surfers.

Advanced surf spot at Famara Beach
Advanced surf spot at Famara Beach

So you can see, Famara beach is suitable for all levels and you can find something working with all tides. This is one of many reasons why Famara is a great choice to visit for your next holiday.

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