How to Fly with a Surfboard

Surfers worldwide love nothing more than getting to far away places for the perfect waves. Unfortunately, without a car, flying with your beloved surfboard can be a stressful experience but, with a bit of careful planning, it’s a simple process. Here are our top tips for transporting your board using air travel.

Check your airline’s policies

The first step is to make sure you know your airline’s policies on carrying a surfboard. Most times, you may be able to take a surfboard along with you as checked baggage. Generally, the average measurements of a surfboard are within the size limits of the airline’s “oversized” baggage requirements. It is important, however, to double-check in case of any restrictions before you plan your trip.

Secure your board properly

Make sure you wrap your board up securely, using bubble wrap and duct tape or shrink wrap – this will help protect your surfboard from any scrapes and scratches. Make sure your airline tags the board as “fragile” for extra protection, although it’s worth noting that not all airlines offer this service.

Pack necessary accessories

If you don’t want to travel with your board in its own bag, you can also pack it in your normal suitcase, as long as you make sure it’s wrapped up properly. Surfers can also pack any necessary accessories – fins, wax, rags, wetsuits etc. – in the same checked baggage as the board in order to ensure that none of it gets lost in transit.

Other tips:

  • Measure width & weight of board – Check the dimensions of your board before traveling, as some airlines might not accept larger items that exceed their weight and size limits.
  • Add padding – If you’re packing your board in your suitcase, use foam wraps to add extra padding.
  • Double check baggage – Always double check the baggage info on your ticket and the website of the airline before travelling, as some airlines still have a limit of 2 pieces of checked baggage

By following these tips, you should have no problem flying with a surfboard. Just remember to check your airline’s specific policies and properly secure your board for a stress-free journey!

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